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The Tale of Fire Monkey - Where Art Meets Heart

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, Stevie, armed with her paintbrush and endless imagination, started drawing and painting pictures as lively and fiery as her personality – yes, she’s our very own fire monkey!


Adele, Stevie's mum and captain of this ship, saw more than just drawings; she saw a world where these doodles could dance on t-shirts and twirl on skirts, telling stories that kids everywhere would love.


Dress Up, Dream Big, and Dance!

Fire Monkey is all about putting on your superhero cape (or our super-cool tees!) and soaring into a world where you can be anything you dream of. We believe every child has a fire monkey within – full of energy, creativity, and kindness. Our clothes are like costumes for everyday adventures, where playgrounds become jungles and every day is a new chapter in your story.

A Mother-Daughter Dream Team

Picture this: Adele, with her savvy business mind and a heart full of dreams for her daughter, and Stevie, at her ‘make it the table,’ mixed medium materials and imagination that knows no bounds. Together, they’re an unstoppable duo, creating Fire Monkey not just as a brand, but as a canvas for stories, dreams, and a whole lot of fun.


A Wardrobe of Wonders!

From twirly dresses that whisper tales of distant lands to t-shirts that roar with the spirit of wild adventures – every piece of clothing has a story, a splash of Stevie's art, and a pinch of Adele's love. We're not about being matchy-matchy; we're about being mixy-matchy, where every combo is as unique as you!


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